No: 7-Channel LCD 2.4GHz

7 Channels 2.4GHz LCD Transmitter,7-Channel receiver.
Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.


- Suitable for: car, ship

- Number of channels: 7

- Input voltage: 6VDC 1.5VAA*4 or 2S Lipo

- Remote control distance: 120M

- Weight:393g

- Overall dimension: 170*96*196mm


● Columnar liquid crystal display  ● 15 sets of model memory  ● Model memory deletion  ● Model name (3 bytes)

● Low voltage alarm (Lipo is lower than 7V/4AA battery is lower than 4.5v)   ●Stopwatch function   ●Steady cruise (throttle forward)         ●LED lighting    ●Test temperature    ●Test the lithium battery voltage    ● ABS    ● Center fine-tuning (1-4channel)

● Throttle Steering D/R    ● EPA function (1-6 channel)    ● EXP function    ● REV function (1-6 channel)            

Program mixed control    ● F/S(Throttle Steering only)     ●RST  Returns factory Settings      ●SVC Gyroscope switch

● V3.1 System